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Dear Friends,

We are so grateful to our friends at Pioneer Natural Resources, Goldman Sachs and AT&T for their continued dedication to the annual Dallas CASA Classic, particularly during the tremendous turmoil and uncertainty of the past few years. Their commitment to child victims who continue to suffer, is extraordinary and inspiring to us all. Through their remarkable efforts and their generous sponsors, they have been helping to ensure that children who have experienced abuse and neglect are safe, healthy and protected and have the very best opportunity to grow up in loving families where they can thrive.

Each year, many Dallas County children live in the custody of the state because they weren’t safe in their homes. Amidst an overwhelmed child welfare system, judges often are frustrated when they don’t have enough information to make the best decisions for children who have been brought into protective care. CASA volunteers are trained and supervised to gather information that helps judges decide whether the child’s temporary placement is safe and appropriate, what educational, medical and therapeutic services each child needs, and whether returning home is a safe option. Acting as the eyes and the ears of the courts, CASA volunteers review records, conduct research on subjects ranging from available resources to potential relative placements, and talk to everyone involved in a child’s life.

With detailed, current knowledge of the children’s circumstances, our volunteers ultimately make recommendations that help judges decide where a child can grow up surrounded by love and support. And throughout this very difficult and frightening time, the children benefit emotionally from the steady presence of caring volunteers who have no agenda other than the child’s well-being. A CASA volunteer may be a child’s only lifeline, making all the difference in a young life marked early on by injury and trauma.

Now in its 44th year, Dallas CASA serves more children than any of the more than 900 CASA programs nationwide. Serving all the children year after year means we need to increase levels of support to recruit and train many more volunteers and hire additional program staff to train and supervise the volunteers.

For the past 26 years, the Dallas CASA Classic and the growth of Dallas CASA have gone hand in hand. With the critical support of this extraordinary golf tournament, Dallas CASA has grown from serving 407 children in 1998 and now is able to accept all court appointments to cases involving child victims in Dallas County. Dallas CASA depends on the generosity and commitment of those who support this golf tournament to make sure every child in need has a CASA volunteer advocate.  Every child has the right to be safe and you are giving so many at-risk children the chance to grow up in safe and loving homes.

Thank you for helping to improve the lives of thousands of children in our community who — through no fault of their own — have suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of those who should have been their fiercest protectors. We hope you are deeply proud of the contributions you are making to better the lives and brighten the future of so many of our precious children.

Warmest regards,
Kathleen M. LaValle
President and CEO
Dallas CASA

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